Thursday, January 22, 2009

Repent America!!!!


  1. Oh brother.

    That's why I'd be embarrassed to be Christian. Such an uptight bunch who have no problem exploiting their faith for their personal gain. It's pretty sad and pathetic that America elects a Democrat by a clear majority not seen in the last several elections, and Christians think Americans need to repent for it. Like it says anywhere in the Bible that God supports Republicans over Democrats.

    How sad and stupid.

  2. You cannot be a Christian and be embarrassed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! The Bible is the infallible Word of God and must be taken in its entirety!! We can not ever presume to add to or presume to know what God is trying to say. We have to know what he is say and try our very best to follow his commandments. Christians today have fell into a "Progressive Moment" of some sort. But God is the same yesterday today and forever. Mans wisdom is foolishness the the Lord!!! I have no personal gain, my only goal is to reach souls for Jesus Christ. Those can reject my offerings, and that is fine. But, that will not stop me from telling it!!America has turned its back on God!! When Christians make material and Worldly objects their idols, this is very troubling!! Thank you for your opinion and God Bless!!

  3. How sad and pathetic to hasten the wrath of God on a nation by voting for a man who condones the shedding of innocent blood, which Almighty God hates {Proverbs 6:17}. How sad and pathetic it is to vote for a man who condones sexual perversion, which Almighty God has called an abomination {Leviticus 18:22}.
    How tragic it is to think that either political party can pull this nation from the pit of hell. It isn't about republican, democrat, or independant; it's about a nation that has turned it's back on Almighty God, a nation that cringes at the mention of Jesus Christ, and a nation that will die of fright when the Lion roars in judgment against her.
    How sad and pathetic that proud, boastful sinners shake their puny fists in the face of this massive, powerful God and deny His judgment, His existence, His authority over ALL of mankind. This very God that most take with a grain of salt will one day shake the very foundations of this world to its core, with massive devastation and destruction. Even if one dies before all hell breaks loose does not mean he/she avoids judgment for sin.
    May God be merciful to you anon, may He open your mind to see your true condition, a lost sinner without hope, headed for eternal torment apart from the grace of God and the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. Read this from Romans 3:23, 'for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God'...all means every mortal man/woman who has ever lived. ONE SIN will send you to eternal damnation; one 'little white lie', one lustful thought or act. That is the absolute dire need for repentance, turning away from our sins and turning to the precious Son of God, the only one who can save us and empower us over the bondage of sin. All who fall before a Holy God and cry out for mercy will be heard. God gives grace to the humble, He saves those who are broken over their sins. He 're-births' those whom He saves, they are born again, or born from above, by the power of God. I pray you will be broken over your sins anonymous.