Friday, August 14, 2009

Guyana Jungle Ministry-

David's (aflame4God) ministry in Wakapoa, Guyana, South America. There's something special about "Charity", which is a small port town in Guyana. It takes a long time to get there. It is a strategic place! Here the trappings of town life end. Roads, shops, cars, plumbing, and electricity all end in this very small town. From there you must travel by boat or canoe on the Pomeroon, Wakapoa, or Moruca Rivers. As you travel along these rivers, you'll see many small wooden houses with palm leaf roofs. They call them "trash roofs". Instead of cars, you will see a canoe parked on the edge of the river bank. These are the Amerindian villages, with names such as Kabakaburi, Carawab, Siriki, Akawini, Kamwatta, etc. These rivers are a water highway, with many old canoes going up and down the river. Some of the canoers are very old, weather beaten Arawaks or Carib Indians. Others will be very small children in worn torn clothes paddling away. It is a wonderful sight! They are simple, quiet, strong, and friendly people. Everyday is a struggle to survive. From the town noise to the jungle sounds you will hear the call of the beautiful Toucan; the chatter of the Amazon Green Parrotts (One day my son and I saw fifty of them in three coconut trees), the croaking of the bull frogs at night, and large birds making strange noises at 5:30 AM (You don't need an alarm clock!).

I've been honored to minister God's Word in many of these villages. My trips there have always been fruitful and the Lord has worked powerful changes in many lives. It is such a joy to worship with these people. They are very attentive and eager to hear God's Word, while sitting on old wooden benches in very hot and humid weather. They do not complain. When I go there I have to bathe in a very small, stagnant creek where the water is blackish in color. You simply soap up and use a small bowl to rinse off! The river does have some Piranhas in it. We met one boy with four toes. The Piranhas got the fifth toe... We also saw a good sized alligator on the way home from church one night! Anyone for a swim?? It is here at these various churches that I have preached the Word, established Christian Lending Libraries, and continue to assist the pastors financially. For example, my one pastor friend has a family of eight and sometimes lives off of $50.00 a month which equals$1.65 a day. I am very honored to have these precious people as my brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, my adopted daughter is a Carib Indian who lived way up in the mountains of a small island called Dominica. My friend, we serve a missionary God that commands to go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel! Very few these days are going over seas to be missionaries or are involved in supporting missions. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. vs 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you..."

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Brother David
1. Guyana has 6 different people groups. You cannott Live in an Ameridian village unless you are an Ameridian.
2. You cannot enter an Ameridian Village without permission of the village Chief.
3. There is no stable economy in these remote areas. The men have to leave wife and children for months at a time to find work.
4. No alcohol is allowed in an Ameridian village. This rule is not always strictly enforced.
5. It is a true miracle that I was able to get into these areas. That is a story in itself.
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  1. This has blessed me so much. I have listened to it and some of your other worship videos over and over again.