Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Beautiful Thing!!

There is a blog "The Virtuous Woman" it is the testimony of a precious Mommy that is Glorifying the Lord. Her little 4 year old daughter had come to some realization that she was nothing,without the Lord!! The comments being left on her blog are honestly very heartless and Vile. Pure hate!!
Persecution is for the Glory of God!! And the persecution we have seen in the last 2 weeks has put everything in fast forward!! The comments that this precious child of God is getting are horrible,vile, anti-God!! It breaks ones heart to really understand that this society is so blind to Gods Word.We, as Christians sometimes living only in our Community,take for granite that there is a real darkness out there!! That, God even mentioned in a lot of circles today evokes anger,hate,and disgust.
As Christians, it is even more important today to proclaim the Bible, in it's entirety as the infallible Word of God!!!

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