Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear Friends and Supporters: Today (Tuesday May 5) the Bethel Baptist Church was closed down by the local municipality and the presiding judge. Government employees came by and put a notice on the doors of the entrance to the church saying that the building is closed down until further notice by the local Judge. The reason being that the church did not pass a local inspection for public use. The men of the church and myself have been working once a week at the church to upgrade some electrical work and put the bathrooms in first class condition to pass the inspection. We knew that the inspection would come some day but did not know when. We basically have not finished all the work because of lack of funds. Items that still need fixed in order to pass the inspection would be to put ceramic on the walls of the bathroom install fans in the bathroom put a drop down sealing in the main auditorium and upgrade some electrical work. We have been raising some funds for this project among the people of the church. We have used money from the offering taken up special offerings and sold used clothing in order to raise funds. Some weeks we have been able to raise $50 dollars for this project. In order to finish up just the urgent necessary items to pass the impaction it will take $4,000 or more dollars. We will raise these funds among our people in the next few months. This has hit us as a tremendous blow to me and the church. Just this passed Sunday we had 18 first time visitors and 16 saved during the service. We did not count how many showed up but all the chairs and benches were full and people were standing up in the back and looking in through the windows. God is blessing the church here and Bible College. We will plan to meet outside on the sidewalk until we pass the inspection. The church building is used every day for our Bible College. We have 40 students in our Bible College and 18 of these students are living at the church. We also use the building for our Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday night services. Today at noon I went to talk to the Judge and was able to talk to some employees that work with the Judge. They told me that I would have to pay the fine and get the church to pass the inspection. Tomorrow a group of us plan to go and talk to the judge and ask for some mercy and some more time to get the church fixed up in order to pass the impaction. Please pray for this urgent request. We need your prayers today and tomorrow.

For Souls,
Brian Roy George

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